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made a pledge to double u.s. exports over the next five years. what the president said todaybuilt progress being made on overseas sales. >>> plus an update on the oil spill in the gulf including how the city shedd aquarium will help relief efforts. >>> all-star free agent dwayne wade makes a decision on his future. we will tell you where he will play and which other big player is going with him. @@รณg@ >>> illinois construction executive testifies again today at corruption trial of former governor rod blagojevich, gerald krozel told jurors he felt pressured by the ex- governor to generate campaign cash. julie unruh is following the case live now from the dirksen federal building where it just keep getting more and more interesting. >> reporter: it does get more interesting. 2008 tollway bill is monopolizing the courtroom all morning long. that construction executive that you speak of spoke yesterday as well as this morning all about it. he felt the governor was truly shaking him down for fundraising money in exchange for a piece of that construction bill. 70-year-old jerry
spill containment effort for the u.s. government is more cautious. >> we are down to the final days and weeks and closing in to a point where we can intercept the well. our target date remains in middle of august because of a number of uncertainties related to what happened. crews expect to reach existing well and drill into its outer casing. if the oil is coming up through all the different rings of the well, then it will likely take until the middle of august to cap the flow of mud and cement. only coming up, the well's center pipe it could be sooner. still a single major storm is enough to cause delays. >>> federal appeals found in new orleans will hear arguments this afternoon in the government's bid to keep up a moyer toirm on offshore drilling. was declared after the rig exploded killing 11 workers and sending that oil into the gulf of mexico. the interior department halted new permits for deep water projects and suspended drillings on 33 exploratory wells. the justice department is appealing a judge's ruling overturning that six month moratorium. >> a russian man convicted of
. some of the best ideas so far are pete moss, polymers and cotton finders. >>> the late u.s. senator robert byrd is being remembered today in his home state of west virginia. thousands are attaining a memorial service. president obama, vice-president biden and other leaders are also on hand. byrd passed away on monday at the age of 92. he will be layed to rest in a suburb of washington, d.c., on tuesday. he was the longest serving senator in u.s. history. >>> coming up next, cruising il- - cruisin' illinois. this week we will go on a tour of havana. havana, illinois. >> not cuba. and then later in lunch break the chef from morton steak house will show us the perfect way to prepare a steak on the grill. (announcer) are you living with crohn's disease? never know when i'll have a flare. the pain is bad. going out means planning every detail. missed my best friend's wedding. so many pills. (announcer) if you're on medication and still having flares, your crohn's disease may not be under control. go to livingwithcrohn'sdisease.com and take the crohn's control quiz. talk to your gastroent
issues a final ruling on that moratorium. >>> the u.s. and russia have completed the largest spy swap since the cold war. planes for the two countries met in a tarmac in austria today to exchange 14 agencies. minutes later, a plane with four russians accused of spying for the west headed to london. >>> a deadly attack in pakistan. authorities calling it one of the worst attacks there this year. a witness said one of the bombs was small, then it was followed by a larger one. the area had taken on islamic extremists, and gained the praise of the u.s. military. the attack shows the militants are still a force. >>> a massive carp. he says he caught this guy in a city lagoon. >>> and we're making crab cakes with a mango curry mayo. sounds delicious. bonnie, turn up the volume. your baby sister has something to say. this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so now your doctor's talking about plaque building up in your arteries - she called it coronary artery disease. you think that's something you can just stick in an email and that's the end of it? do you know me? look, bonnie. i know y
get in exchange for appointing particular people to the u.s. senate seat vacated by president obama. joining us to talk more about the case is our legal analyst, terry sullivan. terry, what do you think, will the judge grant that extra time? >> it's hard to say. and you can never second-guess judge zagel. it wouldn't be a betting man's thing to do. what judge said now is that if he is going to -- if the government rests today he willet the jury go home until monday. maybe he has give an precursor that is as much time as he will give which is five days. it's hard to believe that the government will rest today, but they may in light of what the judge said. doesn't sounds like he is inclined to grant a week's continuance. >>> how key is the testimony? >> he is an important witness in the prosecution's case because he goes with governor blagojevich for a long period of time. basically from 2003 through 2008. and he is a lobbyist. so he doesn't necessarily come across as the cleanest person in the world. he is trying to make money for his clients and he is trying to get them on board is
to continue that test until thursday morning. >>> and this u.s. navy blimp is expected to arrive today in the gulf shores in alabama. it will will fly over the gulf coast monitoring oil schingz scanning for endangered wildlife. >>> tsa approaching a federal mandate that requires it to inspect every piece of airplane luggage. deadline for that requirement is april 1. a new federal report doubts that security officials will be ready. the report says that a quarter of all airplane cargo still gets on board unchecked. the tsa is not yet approved technology that can inspect large pieces of cargo. >> i don't think with the budget and the personnel that they have that they could ever verify everything. >> right now any luggage that does not get screened is still subject to random searches. >>> triple digits temperatures and high humidity and dangerous conditions are in the forecast up and down the east coast today. excessive heat warning in effect for philadelphia and heat advisories have been issued in new york, boston, baltimore, west virginia and washington area. everyone is being warned t
musicians fund. 4942 warner avenue, sweet 235. >>> one of the u.s. marshal's most wanted is behind bars this afternoon. u.s. marshals raided this chicago lawn neighborhood home yesterday morning. based on a tip from our show fugitive hunters. ronald lomas was on the run for six months from drug charges in dallas. he was living in chicago lawn for the past month. lomas was asleep during the raid and found a brick of heroin near him. >> we got him in custody, all my guys are safe. and hopefully enjoif the rest of the holiday. without you guys putting him on tv would never have had them. it was your viewers that came forward and helped us close this case and get a lifelong gang member and drug dealer off the streets. >> lomas didn't even know he was featured on the show and viewer taturned him in will get a reward. police expect lomas to go to jail for life. >>> coming up, a major heroin bust by chicago police this holiday weekend. we have a live report up next. >>> later, how to protect yourself against the sun scorching rays. what to look forward when buying sunscreen. plus, how often yo
's desire to become secretary of health and human services or with the idea to appoint himself to u.s. senate. but he told the governor otherwise and secretly recorded phone calls appearing to agree with him at the time. scofield felt it -- felt it was easier than disagree egg. defense will argue he was advising the governor about these matters and the calls indicate no crime actually took place. scofield is not charged with anything in this case. he left the stand this morning. pleased to finally fill in some the blanks for prosecutors. >> i feel like i answered every question and i think i told a story that i hope was helpful and important and that was important to me to give full and honest answers and i look forward to when i can talk to you more about it. >> reporter: right now an irs agent is following the blagojevich money trail. detailing expenses and income from 2001 through 2008. and also showing where income was tieded directly to convicted fundraiser tony rezko between those years patty blagojevich's realty company took in more than $200,000 from rezko entities. defense wi
this morning that he will not be extradited to the u.s. he is accused of having sex with a 13- year-old girl in 1977. and then skipping out on his sentence. >>> barefoot bandit will face trials for weapons possessions. colton harris moore went on a particular reu spree after he stole a plane. the 19-year-old had been in the run for 10 years after he escaped from a half way house in washington state. since then he has allegedly stolen cars, boats and planes from all over the united states. including here in illinois. >>> and the deal made by ain. >>> and the most dangerous train crossings in the area. and guess what, there was an accident this morning at one of them, and it was on the list. >>> and coming up, we're going to teach you how to make spanish eggplant. recently a whole new kind of cloud came to st. cloud, minnesota. ask me what a cloud feels like... and here are the first real people to sleep on those brand new clouds. ask me what it feels like to be comforted by a cloud. a new tempur-cloud supreme... by tempur-pedic... ask me why we love our cloud... ask me how it's soft as a clou
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